If your tyres are looking worn or are in a dangerous condition you will benefit from our professional tyre fitters and tyre fitting service to get them fixed or repaired quickly.
With a full range of tyres and tyre fitting services Cheltenham and Gloucester Autocentre will keep you on the road. We always keep most common sizes of tyres in stock and can order any not stocked very quick – with delivery often within an hour – our professional tyre fitters provide a high quality, fast, but cost effective tyre fitting service.

Tyre Tips

You’ll find the recommended tyre pressures inside the drivers’ manual. Always remember to check the tyre pressure, when the tyre is cold, as even after a short journey the tyres will warm and raise the tyre pressure.

  • Under-inflation can cause tyre damage, uneven wear, and an increase in fuel consumption
  • Over inflated tyres give a less comfortable ride and wear out in the centre of the tread
  • Check the pressure in the spare tyre to ensure it’s ready in an emergency
  • Worn tyres mean less grip

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